Extra ATV box for CFMOTO Cforce 600 EPS

SKU: 010_115

This compact ATV box for the CFMOTO Cforce 600 EPS is an additional case installed on the place of the passenger seat. Its wall is connected to the main rear box by Tesseract. At the same time, the trunk is designed ergonomically so as not to bother the driver in any way. In addition, for your convenience the structure of the case provides a soft backrest which you can lean on.

This ATV box is ideal for storing and transporting small items. The product has two built-in rubber locks. 

The box is easy and quick to install with the help of 2 butterfly screws that are included in the set.

Volume: 53 l

Dimensions: 740*450*380 mm

Water resistance
Armored case
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