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This storage box is made for Cobalt and Iron quad bike models.

The box can be mounted both on single seat models and on two-seater quad bikes, but in second case backrest and handles must be dismantled.

While designing the box we considered distinctive features of the rear rack. The rack has a mesh construction, which facilitates the installation process. Mounting requires drilling and you can drill holes in the floor of the box in a way that best suits you. Included U-shaped bolts fixates perfectly on the rails of the rack, so there is no need for making additional bores or modifying the quad’s design by yourself.

Easy-to-use lock system provides storage and security for your items on your off-road journeys.

Rubber gasket set along the contour of the lid keeps the dust and water out. This allows using the box in the most adverse conditions.

Integrated padded backrest delivers additional support and comfort.

Stiffeners increase the sturdiness of the box, and perfectly blend with the overall design.

The capacity of the box is 100 litres.

Complete set:

- 4 U-shaped bolts; 

- 2 metal locks with keys;

Weight: 6,75 kg

L x W x H: 1250х580х250 mm

Storage net
Strenght lock
Water resistance
Armored case
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