Outlaw box

SKU: 010_069_00

This storage box is specially created for kids' quad bikes and has several added features. It has been designed with special focus on safety and comfort of youth riders. Ergonomic seat arms, a soft back pad and contoured surface with stiffeners on the exterior will cushion the impact in case the quad falls or tumbles. 

The storage box mounts onto a rack using U-shaped bolts that guarantees reliable retention on any rear rack made of metal profiles.   

High-quality metal keyed lock keeps the lid secure and closed. Gasket seal between lid and base protects your goods from grime, dust and water even in the most extreme conditions of use.   

The box has 70-litre capacity.  

Complete set includes: 

4 U-shaped bolts;  

1 metal lock and keys

Strenght lock
Water resistance
Armored case
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