Russkaya Mekhanika RM 800

SKU: 010-071-00

This storage box is constructed specifically for Russkaya Mekhanika RM 800 model and made in the same style as ATV. In designing, all of the rear rack features have been taken into account, to ensure that the box integrates perfectly with the rack, does not protrude beyond the rack sides and does not hinder driver’s movements.

The storage box mounts onto a rack using U-shaped bolts that guarantees reliable retention on any rear rack made of metal profiles.

High-quality lock latches allow enjoying the outings without worrying about the safety of personal items. Rubber gasket that seals the lid keeps items protected from dust and water, even under severe conditions of use.

The ribbing increases durability and sturdiness of the box, and perfectly blends within overall design of the quad.

This box has a capacity of 105 litres and is large enough to store 2 helmets.


Complete set:
- 4 quick-release fasteners;

- 2 metal locks with keys.

Weight: 9,3 kg
L x W x H: 1110х510х340 mm

Volume: 105 liters

Strenght lock
Water resistance
Armored case
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