BRP LYNX 49 RANGER rear box

SKU: 010_090_00

This capacious back case was developed specifically for BRP Ranger49 snowmobile. We took into account all the details of the rear rack design, thus ensuring that the box fits ideally and doesn’t protrude beyond the sides of the vehicle. 

Two high-quality rubber locks keep the lid secure and closed. Gasket seal between lid and base protects your goods from grime, dust and water even in the most challenging conditions.

This storage box has advanced design and will definitely enrich the exterior of your snowmobile. The ribbing enhances the strength and durability of the case.

The box is attached to the sides of the vehicle with special slings – the product is supplied complete with 4 fabric fasteners.

Weight: 14kg / 30,86lbs

Dimensions: 830*665*390mm / 32,68"*26,18"*15,35"

Volume: 90l / 23,77gal

Strength lock
Water resistance
Armored case
Double layer shell
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