BRP SEA-DOO RXP jerry can

SKU: 020_023

Enjoy long water rides on this powerful aquabike without worrying about the amount of fuel. With the Tesseract canister, you can easily refuel the watercraft in a convenient location.

The canister is installed on the stern (rear platform) of the jet ski. When designing the canister, the dimensions, geometry and other features of the SEA-Doo models were taken into account. Convenient handles on the top make it easy to lift and carry the canister.

The jerry can is easily mounted with special fasteners which are included in the product set.

The bright, bold design of the canister is combined with the futuristic silhouette of the jet ski, which makes the product not only functional, but also a stylish accessory.

Weight: 2,5kg / 4,4lbs

Dimensions: 540*520*180mm / 21,25"*20,47"*7,08"

Volume: 15l / 3,96gal

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Manual for installation and operation of BRP SEA-DOO RXP jerry can

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