CF Moto Cforce 600 Basic Rear ATV Box

SKU: 010_126

The ATV BOX is created for the Cf Moto Cforce 600 Basic. The ATV BOX fits perfectly on the luggage rack; neither bothers the passenger nor protrudes beyond dimensions of the quad.
The product has two built-in durable metal locks. The sealing rubber on the coffer lid will protect your belongings from humidity, dirt and dust even in the toughest conditions. This capacious box is ideal for storing and transporting necessary items for your off-road rides including helmets.
The stiffeners and complex geometry of the case not only harden the construction, but also complement brutal design of the product.
The ATV box is easy and quick to install. A mounting kit is included in the set. The ATV BOX  is installed on an ATV Cforce 600 Basic with a metal luggage rack.

Complete set:

  • 4 u-shaped brackets;
  • 2 metal lockers with keys. 

Volume: 115 l
Weight: 10 kg
Dimensions: 1150х650х380 mm

Strength lock
Armored case
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Manual for installation and operation of CF Moto Cforce 600 Basic Rear ATV Box

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