CFMOTO 850xc/1000/X8/X10 COMPETITION SPORT rear box

SKU: 010_108_00

This back sport box is made exclusively for the CFMOTO 850xc/1000/X8/X10 COMPETITION SPORT ATV.

The product is designed for sportsmen and allows you to store a minimum set of necessary tools and equipment for competitions. The small volume of the trunk makes quad lighter during the races.

The ATV box fits perfectly on the luggage rack without exceeding the dimensions of the quad bike. The streamlined shape of the trunk does not violate the aerodynamics of the ATV while the stiffeners strengthen its structure.

High-quality rubber locks ensure tight fit of the lid. The sealing rubber on the case lid protects your belongings from humidity, dirt, and dust even in the toughest conditions.

The box is mounted quickly and easily without additional tools.

Complete set:

  • 4 mounting fittings;

  • 2 rubber locks.

Dimensions: 750*320*205mm / 29,53"*12,6"*8,07"

Volume: 22l / 5,81gal 

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Manual for installation and operation of CFMOTO 850xc/1000/X8/X10 COMPETITION SPORT rear box

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