CFMOTO U1000 roof box

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The exclusive Tesseract product for the Cfmoto U1000 combines the functions of a roof and a capacious UTV box. Thus, it serves for two purposes: first, protection from precipitation and sunlight; second, storage of equipment and personal belongings.

The roof-box is attached to the frame of the buggy. The case consists of two compartments; each of them has a flap with a support.

4 rubber locks and a seal ensure a tight fit of the lid that guarantees waterproofness and reliability of the trunk.

At the bottom of the roof there are special recesses that allow you to install a stereo system of 7 speakers.

A mounting kit with fittings is included in the set.

The product can be supplemented with special audio speaker protective caps that prevent the built-in speakers from mechanical damage and moisture. 

The plastic cap is installed inside the roof-box on the base of the audio speaker.

Weight: 18kg / 39,68lbs

Dimensions: 1550*890*260mm / 61,02"*35,04"*10,24"

Volume: 180l / 47,55

Water resistance
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Manual for installation and operation of CFMOTO U1000 roof box

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