Front ATV box for Segway Snarler AT6S

SKU: 010_111

The design of Tesseract accessories for Segway Powersport, as well as the motor vehicles themselves, differs from the stylistic solutions that have become familiar. Instead of straight lines, flat brutal edges with sharp transitions and corners, we have created curved shapes, smooth surfaces and moderate aggressiveness of style. Our products correspond to the friendly design of Segway, preserving the characteristic features, quality level and attention to detail inherent in GKA Tesseract.

The box is installed on the front luggage rack in the standard sockets using four Stels-linq quick-release fasteners. Instead of this case, a Tesseract front canister can be installed on the luggage rack.

The box has a seal along the contour of the lid and two metal locks with a key. The lid opens at an angle of 103 degrees and is fixed without adjoining the elements of the ATV.

Volume: 40 l

Dimensions: 910x515х200 mm

Height inside the box: 160 mm. Inner dimensions: 683 х 240 mm 

Strength lock
Armored case
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