Front ATV BOX TGB Blade 650 - 1000

SKU: 010_160_00

Front ATV BOX doesn’t block the driver’s view and is attached to the standard apertures on the front rack of ATV TGB Blade 650 - 1000 with butterfly screws included in the kit.

Reliable rubber locks, ensuring the safety of your belongings. A sealing rubber band along the edge of the lid will protect the equipment from moisture, dirt and dust, even in the most severe operating conditions.

The multifaceted silhouette of the box complements the daring style of the ATV. The complex geometry of the product is not only a design element, but also with a similar weight increases the strength of the case due to stiffeners.

Сomplete set:

  • 4 butterfly screws;
  • 2 rubber locks.

Dimensions: 1135х450х195 mm

Working volume: 51 l

Weight: 7 kg 

Water resistance
Armored case
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  • TGB Blade 650 - 1000


Manual for installation and operation of Front ATV BOX TGB Blade 650 - 1000

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