POLARIS ACE 900 XC rear box

SKU: 010_077_00

UTV box is created for the Polaris 900 ACE XC and is quite spacious that will allow the rider to take with him everything necessary. The design features provided that the UTV box does not exceed the dimensions of the UTV, and makes maximum use of the volume of the rear platform. The UTV box is attached to the rear pad with quick-release fasteners that do not require a special tool, making the installation easy and quick. 

The complete set of UTV box includes 2 metal lock that locked by keys. In addition, water- and dust-proof rubber seal on the lid of UTV box ensure cleanliness and protection of your luggage in the most demanding conditions.

Complete set:

  • 4 quick-release fasteners; 
  • 2 metal locks with keys.

Weight: 8kg / 17,63lbs
Dimension 1250*580*470mm / 49,21"*22,83"*18,5"
Volume: 100l / 26,4gal

Strength lock
Water resistance
Armored case
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