POLARIS TOURING XP 1000 jerry can

SKU: 020_017_00

5 liters jerry can be made specifically for Polaris TOURING 850/1000 Quad storage box. Its’ shape mates the shape of the box lid and the storage box sides, which ensures a tight joint between the items. 

The jerry can set easily and quickly using the Basic quick-release fasteners. Mounted can doesn’t impede the box lid opening.

The can is made of High-Density Polyethylene [high-strength freeze-resistant polyethylene].
Its capability of withstanding huge temperature varieties allows using it in off-road conditions, during expeditions or trips to remote places.

You can mount up to 4 fuel tanks on one box. 

Complete set:

  • Jerry can spout

  • Retaining ring and a cap

Weight: 1,2kg / 26,46lbs
Dimensions: 385*280*100mm / 15,16"*11,02"*3,94"
Volume: 5l / 1,32gal

Strength lock
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  • Polaris Turing 1000


Manual for installation and operation of POLARIS TOURING XP 1000 jerry can

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