RUSSKAYA MEKHANIKA RM 800 additional rear box

SKU: 010-039-00

It fits tightly with the Tesseract rear box and stands perfectly on the passenger’s seat. At the same time, the trunk is designed ergonomically, so as not to bother the driver in any way. You can lean on the front wall of the box as a backrest during stops.

The case is ideal for storing and transporting small items. The storage box mounts easily with the set of fixators that allow reliable attachment to the main ATV box. High-quality rubber lock latches guarantee tight fit of the lid. 

Complete set:

  • 2 quick-release fasteners;

  • 2 rubber locks.

Dimensions:  592х410х325mm / 23,30"*16,14"*12,79" 

Volume: 37l / 9,77gal 

Armored case
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  • Russkaya Mekhanika RM 800
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