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This rear box has been designed with regard to characteristics of Russkaya Mekhanika RM 800 UTV and can be mounted on the models of this series only. While developing, we took into account all the features of the UTV’s luggage rack, so the box fits perfectly, even if a snorkel system is installed. 

It takes not more than 30 seconds to install or remove the box, which allows you to quickly get to the hood. In order to set it all you have to do is fixate quick-release fasteners in the existing openings in the rack. Note that there is no need for any additional tool.

High-quality metal keyed locks ensure the safety of your belongings. Special sealing rubber set on the lid of the box protects your goods from grime, dust, and water even in the most extreme conditions of use.

Multiple rigidity edges bring out the modern design of the box and enhance its strength and durability.

The cargo box has a capacity of 140 liters (37 gals) and can easily hold several helmets. Our boxes increase the active storage capacity of your UTV luggage rack by more than 2 times.

There is a 15-liter jerry can be designed for this model and it is matched to the form of the storage box cover that in turn ensures a tight fit between two items. 

You can set up to 2 fuel cans on 1 box.

Weight: 16,5kg / 36,38lbs

Dimensions: 625*1265*500mm / 24,61"*49,8"*19,69"

Volume: 140l / 36,98gal

Strength lock
Water resistance
Armored case
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