SKU: 010_089

The multifunctional case BOX X is specially designed for expeditions, extreme sports (including water sports), hiking, hunting, fishing and other adventure trips. 

The spacious case is ideal for transporting and storing helmets, shoes, clothing, equipment and other things. 

Box X is designed for use even in the toughest conditions including rain, snow and hail. Box X is made of best quality high strength polyethylene. This material is resistant to temperature fluctuations, abrasion, and damage as well as doesn’t require special care. 

A rugged, secure and versatile utility box that is stackable with wheels. That looks the part with its sturdy appearance and won’t look out of place in any adventure sport setting.

Dimensions: 1000*500*350mm / 39,3"*19,6"*13,7"

Volume: 120l / 31,7gal

Water resistance
Armored case
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