TGB 1000 LT EPS jerry can

SKU: 020_019_00

This 10-liter jerry can is made specifically for TGB 1000 LT EPS quad storage box. The shape of the jerry can repeat the contour of the box lid, ensuring a tight fit between these two items. 

Installed jerry can do not obstruct the box lid opening. It mounts easily and securely using the Basic quick-release fasteners. 

It is made of robust high-density plastic, which is highly resistant against changes in temperature. It is suitable for use in extreme conditions, during expeditions or any other off-road journeys. 

Complete set:

  • Jerry can spout;
  • Retaining ring and a cap.

Weight: 2kg / 4,4lbs
Dimension 680*250*105mm / 26,77"*9,84"*4,13"
Volume: 10l / 2,64gal

Water resistance
Armored case
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  • TGB 1000 LT EPS


Manual for installation and operation of TGB 1000 LT EPS jerry can

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