Yamaha Wolverine X2 UTV left right box

SKU: 010_117

There are two models of this product that differ only by the side of installation on UTV’s platform: right or left. Boxes can be mounted together or separately. Also the set can be complemented with long TESSERACT rear box (SKU: 010_104). The full combination of 3 cases will fit perfectly into the luggage rack and maximize the available space.

The configuration of the case is thought out to the smallest detail. 2 rubber locks will guarantee the safety of your belongings. Water- and dust-proof rubber seal on the lid ensures cleanliness and protection of your luggage.

The coffer is securely attached to the UTV with 2 butterfly screws (included in the set).

Dimensions: 610*415*345 mm

Volume: 57 l

Water resistance
Armored case
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