YAMAHA YXZ 1000 UTV rear box

SKU: 010_095_00

This model of the rear box is developed for Yamaha YXZ 1000 UTV. This stable compact case fits perfectly into the design of the buggy and does not block the rear view of the driver.

The stiffening ribs provide additional strength to the Tesseract box as well as bring a brutal character to the design. At the same time, the graphite color adds the strictness to the product.

The configuration of the Tesseract case is thought out to the smallest detail. Two rubber locks will ensure the safety of your belongings. For road safety, the product is equipped with rear reflectors.

The coffer is securely attached to the back platform of the UTV with 4 bolts (included in the set).

Dimensions: 900*670*340mm / 35,43"*26,38"*13,39"

Volume: 85l / 21,39gal

Water resistance
Armored case
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Manual for installation and operation of YAMAHA YXZ 1000 UTV rear box

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