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The ATV BOX is designed for installation on the BRP Outlander G3 ATV. In designing, all of the rear rack features and the backrest of the ATV were taken into account, so the ATV BOX ideally fits onto the rear rack and does not protrude beyond its limits.

The ATV BOX is equipped with quick-release fasteners, which are installed in the standard holes provided in the luggage area. Installation takes no more than 30 seconds.

Reliable metal locks with a key ensure the safety of your belongings. The rubber seal on the lid of the case will protect your things from dust and water, even under severe conditions of use.

The complex geometry of the ATV BOX is not only a design element, but also increases the strength of the box due to the presence of stiffening ribs.

This box has a capacity of 120 liters and is large enough to store 2 helmets.

Our know-how of this ATV BOX: we have developed an additional box that connects to the rear box and performs the functions of a mini box and a backrest. This way you can use the additional box as a backrest and for storing small items.
The mini-box is installed on an ATV without a factory backrest.

Also for this model of the ATV box, a 5-liter jerry can was created, which has a conjugate shape with the side walls of the ATV box, which ensures a tight fit of the products. Fasteners for installing jerry cans are purchased separately.


  • 2 quick-release fasteners;
  • 2 metal locks with keys;

Weight: 9.5 kg
Dimensions: 1080x620x460 mm
Volume: 120 l

Strength lock
Water resistance
Armored case
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  • BRP Outlander G3


Manual for installation and operation of ATV CAN-AM OUTLANDER G3 REAR ATV BOX (2024)

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