GOES BASKET front box

SKU: 010_002_00

This basket is designed for Cobalt and Iron ATV models. It installs on the front rack of quads.

When developing, the due account was given to the luggage rack features. The box can be mounted to the rack within a few minutes using four included U-shaped bolts. The mesh design of the front rack helps fixate the basket easily within it. So you will not need to agonize about how to mount the basket to the rack or modify the construction of the quad front rack in any way.

  • D-shaped loops set along the basket upper edges enable to fasten passengers’ belongings to the rack with a tie-down cargo net.
  • Well-thought-out drain system prevents moisture accumulation inside it.
  • Having the basket on the front of the quad does not hinder installing the number plate.
  • The shape of the basket does not impede the movement of the Handlebar, allowing the driver to drive comfortably.
  • The basket has double-wall construction for extra rigidity and durability. 

Complete set:

  • 4 Quick-release fasteners; 
  • 2 metal locks with keys.

Weight: 6kg / 1,58lbs

Dimensions: 1050*520*182mm / 41,34"*20,47"*7,17"

Volume: 60l / 15,85gal

Storage net
Strength lock
Double layer shell
Drainage holes
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