KAWASAKI UTV KRX1000 rear box

SKU: 010_094_00

KRX1000 storage box was designed specifically for Kawasaki vehicles. The futuristic design of this UTV case meets the latest trends in the development of quadrotechnics. A rugged, secure and versatile utility box looks the part with its sturdy appearance and won’t be out of place in any adventure sport setting.

The case fits neatly onto the rear platform - we took into account all the features of the UTV’s luggage rack to ensure a perfect fit. The box is stacked and secured quickly and easily on your vehicle with 4 bolts, so the only tool you need is a screwdriver.

The lid fits tightly on the case and presses the tubular seal making it as proof as possible. Two high-quality rubber locks ensure the safety of your belongings allowing you to enjoy off-road driving without worrying about personal items.

The volume of this box allows storing easily several helmets and many other accessories for off-road trips.

Weight: 9,1kg / 19,84lbs

Dimensions: 960*760*430mm / 37,79"*29,92"*16,92"

Volume: 155l / 40,94gal

Strength lock
Water resistance
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  • Kawasaki KRX 1000


Manual for installation and operation of KAWASAKI UTV KRX1000 rear box

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