POLARIS HIGH LIFTER 1000 jarry can

SKU: 020_018_00

12,5-liter jerry can be made exclusively for Polaris High Lifter 1000 quad bike. The shape of the jerry can follow the contours both of the box lid and the rear rack, ensuring a tight fit between mating surfaces.

Installed jerry can do not obstruct the box lid opening.

Installation takes only 30 seconds and requires no special tool. Included fasteners easily fixate in the designated holes on the box lid or the rear rack.

The jerry can is made of durable high-density polyethylene, which enables it to withstand adverse weather conditions. It is ideal for use during long expeditions or off-road trips.

You can set up to 2 jerry cans either on the box lid or on the rear rack.

Complete set:

  • Jerry can spout.
  • Retaining ring and a cap.

Weight: 2,2kg / 4,85lbs
Dimension 550*460*110 mm / 21,65"*18,11"*4,33"
Volume: 12,5l / 3,3gal

Water resistance
Armored case
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Manual for installation and operation of POLARIS HIGH LIFTER 1000 jarry can

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