RM FRONTIER 1000 jerry can

SKU: 020_025

This 11-litre jerry can is made exclusively for RM Frontier 1000 snowmobile storage box. The shape of the jerry can conforms to the contours of the box lid, ensuring a tight fit between mating surfaces. Installed jerry can does not obstruct the box lid opening.

Installation takes less than 30 seconds and requires no special tool. Quick-release Basic Lock fastener is fixated easily in the designated hole in the box lid. 

For the convenience of use the case is designed with 2 handles.

The TESSERACT jerry can is made of quality durable plastic. High resistance to external temperature changes allows using it during winter trips to remote places even in severe frost.

Complete set:

  • Jerry can spout and cap

Dimensions: 597*347*166mm / 23,5"*13,66"*6,54" 

Volume: 11l  / 2,9gal

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