RM FRONTIER 1000 rear box

SKU: 010_040

The laconic storage box is designed specifically for RM Frontier 1000 snowmobile. It has been developed with due account of all vehicle’s characteristics, especially features of the luggage rack and backrest. Thus we made sure the case fits perfectly on the rear platform and doesn’t hinder passenger’s movements.  

The box is mounted easily with the quick-release fasteners that come in a set. High-quality metal keyed locks ensure the safety of your belongings. Special rubber seal inside the lid protects your goods even in the most extreme winter conditions.

The box can withstand severе frost and temperature changes. The ribbing enhances the durability of the case and combines with the overall design of the vehicle. As a useful option, the box can serve as a table if you throw back the lid.

Additionally, the 11 liter fuel tank is designed for this model. It matches the shape of the box lid what ensures a tight fit between two items. The canister is installed easily with no aid of tools by fixating quick-release fastener in the designated opening in the box lid.

Complete set:

  • 4 quick-release fasteners kit;

  • 2 metal locks with keys.

Dimensions: 666*708*395mm /  26,22"*27,87"*15,55"

Volume: 85l / 22.45gal

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Manual for installation and operation of RM FRONTIER 1000 rear box

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