Segway Villain roof box

SKU: 040_028

 Thus, the product is designed to store equipment, but at the same time protects against rain, snow and sunlight.

This capacious box consists of two compartments; each has a flap with a support and two built-in rubber locks. Thanks to the seal, the lids fit snugly to the base of the box, ensuring the tightness and reliability of the product.

The base of the box has a shape associated with the frame and fits perfectly. For installation, it only takes to drill 4 holes in the marked points on the plastic and screw it into the standard apertures on the platform.

The squat and streamlined roof box does not violate the aerodynamics of the Villain and looks like a single unit with a buggy design.

The design of Tesseract accessories for Segway Powersports, as well as the motor vehicles themselves, differs from the usual stylistic solutions. Instead of flat brutal faces with sharp transitions, straight lines and sharp corners, we have created curved smooth shapes and arched surfaces combined with moderate aggressiveness.

Volume: 145 l

Dimensions: 1270х1000х265 mm

Weight net / brutto: 20,5 / 25,5 kg

Water resistance
Armored case
Important information
Double layer shell
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Manual for installation and operation of Segway Villain roof box

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