TESSERACT Kids ATV box new

SKU: 010_143

When developing the product, the safety and comfort of the young rider were paramount requirements. Therefore, the box has ergonomic seat arms, a softback pad, as well as relief surfaces with stiffeners on the outer sides to create a buffer in the event of a fall or rollover of the ATV.

The mounting kit goes with the set and guarantees reliable fixation on any luggage platform made of metal profiles. Two strong metal locks with a key ensure the safety of the contents. A sealing rubber band on the lid will protect kid’s things from moisture, dirt and dust.

All in all, the children's ATV box is not inferior in functionality to the main line of TESSERACT products. So that with us, the younger generation of riders will learn how to keep in order and transport all the necessary equipment - just like adult drivers!

Сomplete set:

Metal locks – 2 pcs;

U-shaped brackets – 4 pcs;

Dimensions: 1020х475х370 mm

Volume: 60 l

Water resistance
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