Segway Fugleman under-the-seat box

SKU: 010_133

The product is perfect for storing tools, a repair kit and other small items. Now they will always be safe and in order! It is also a great place for a thermos bag, since direct sunlight does not fall on the trunk.

The case is installed under the seat of the vehicle. Fixing fittings including butterfly screws are included in the set. The dimensions of the product are ideal for the niche. In addition, the trunk does not lift the center of gravity, as it is situated at the bottom of the buggy structure.

The trunk has a hinged lid that closes with a built-in rubber lock. Stiffening ribs on the lid give additional structural strength.

Volume: 40 l

Dimensions: 430x420x290 mm

Weight: 3.5 kg

Strength lock
Water resistance
Armored case
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