Segway Fugleman long UTV box

SKU: 010_132

The laconic design of the UTV box complements the discreet appearance of the buggy.

The functionality and design of Tesseract products is thought out to the smallest detail. The trunk closes with 4 built-in rubber locks. This model has two compartments (large and small) with hinged covers, making it easy to keep your kit separate and organised. 

The mounting kit included with the box makes it easy to install on the luggage platform with no need for special tools: 

•    2 quick-release fasteners; 

•    butterfly screw instead of standard bolt.

Volume: 155 l

Dimensions: 1330*465*430 mm

Water resistance
Armored case
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  • Segway Fugleman


Manual for installation and operation of Segway Fugleman long UTV box

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