Segway Fugleman roof box

SKU: 040_029

Thus, the product is designed to store equipment, and at the same time protects from precipitation, sun, as well as dirt and sand on off-road trips.

The box with an impressive capacity consists of two compartments, each has a flap with a support and 2 built-in rubber locks. For the convenience of storing equipment, each compartment is divided into two sections. Thanks to the seal, the lids fit tightly to the base of the box, ensuring the reliability of the product.

The squat and streamlined roof box does not violate the aerodynamics of the buggy and looks like a single unit with the overall design. The base of the box has a shape associated with the frame so fits perfectly o n it. For installation, you only need to screw 4 bolts into the standard apertures on the platform.

Volume: 175 l

Dimensions: 1270х1000х265 mm

Complete set:

• Rubber lock – 4 pcs;

• Exhaust rivets 4x25 ISO 15983 – 8 pcs;

• Bolt M8x30, body washer 8x24, screw M8 – 4 pcs.

Water resistance
Armored case
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